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Children and Young People

Our vision and ambitions

Our vision is for Newcastle as an international city for our children and young people as confident, global citizens

Our ambitions are that Newcastle’s children and young people will:

Our three key workstrands

These workstrands are at different stages of development and are interconnected. We aim to add value to existing activities and enhance links, as well as generating new relationships, activities and opportunities, including with young people who may not usually be engaged in international activities.

Click here for a one page summary of our theme and workstrands and click on the workstrands below to find out more:

Our journey

Despite strong partnership working in the city, international relations can be disjointed, specific to particular organisations, activities or places and not well publicised.

In January 2019, Newcastle became one of 10 UK cities working closely with British Council to develop a more strategic approach. By April 2019, city partners and British Council developed a vision for internationalism and agreed principles and a plan to work in partnership to support international cultural relations: Our Newcastle Our World

It was agreed to test the approach with the theme of children and young people. Subsequent discussions and events with stakeholders resulted in the three workstrands which are being taken forward. Download: Our Newcastle Our World Children and Young People priority, strands and work programme 2020-2022

You can find out more about our journey and rationale for our activities in the briefings and reports below.

Our Newcastle Our World key documents