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Connecting people and places

Newcastle has strong global connections. We want to build on these and enhance them, to bring benefits to our city and the places we connect with.

Civic links

The City has official civic connections across the world, where the City Council has twinning arrangements or other partnership arrangements in place. These are developing all the time and increasingly partners seek to enhance civic links with other types of educational, economic, social and cultural connections.

Consular corps

We also have consuls links based in and around the city, supporting international residents and links with their countries.


Businesses based in the city have global trading links and our business and enterprise networks support and promote international trade.

Civil society

Many civil society organisations, charities and social enterprises based in the city are working with international communities here and abroad and lobbying on issues.

Education links

Schools, colleges and especially our two universities, have extensive links with counterparts across the world, as well as students studying and professionals working here and abroad.

Arts, culture, heritage and sports

Our arts, culture, heritage and sports sector deliver across the world, are active in international networks and welcome international practitioners to the city.

International communities

The city is also home to a wide range of international communities and individuals, including: those who have settled here historically or more recently; people seeking asylum or refuge; international students; and professionals across public, private and voluntary sectors.

Newcastles of the World

Newcastle upon Tyne hosts the secretariat for a global friendship forum of places called ‘Newcastle’ in their own languages and supports a wide range of exchanges and initiatives. Find out more.

Our Directory

We are developing a new directory, where partners can share their details and information about what they do, with whom and where, including international links, communities and other aspects. Add your details here

Newcastle International Alliance

As we develop our city-based International Alliance, we will build a network of partners who can share and support links, in order to develop and promote opportunities for children and young people.

Find out how you can stay in touch and get involved as as this initiative develops.