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English Unlocked

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English Unlocked

Shelley Purchon:  I teach techniques for being understood when speaking to people with Limited English Proficiency. Because interpreters aren't always on hand, and if people are straining to understand us, we should have the skills to meet them half way.

Training:  An English Unlocked training session provides your staff with techniques for overcoming a language barrier without an interpreter, and the opportunity to practise them in a role play situation which is tailor made to the requirements of your organisation.

  • Watch in bewilderment as I speak Spanish at normal speed.

  • Watch again. This time you will get the gist.

  • When I've explained my techniques, it's your turn to practise.

Consultancy:  I can write simpler versions of your company literature to use when a translated version is unavailable. Your forms and leaflets should-

  • Use short sentences and frequent line breaks.

  • Come straight to the point.

  • Avoid idioms and phrasal verbs.

  • Use layout to give clues to meaning

I can look at your company literature through the eyes of someone with limited English, and make the necessary changes.