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MAD Foundation

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MAD Foundation

MAD Foundation’s overall objective is to enable community development projects in Africa and throughout the developing world. At its core is the desire to assist with sustainable programmes, which are not funded from central government, aimed at improving the quality of life for impoverished indigenous communities with an emphasis on children, education and health.

Our charitable objective is: 'To advance education and aid in the relief of poverty in any part of the world'

We do this through a variety of means:

  • Supporting and working as a project partner with indigenous communities and Non-Government Organisations.
  • Raising funds and distributing grants to appeals, including international emergency and disaster appeals, and projects that fit within our objectives.
  • Providing scholarships to children and young people from developing countries to assist them in furthering their education.
  • Providing business start up grants to individuals from indigenous communities.
  • Enabling under-privileged young people from the UK to ‘give and gain’ by working on a community project in the developing world.

The Mottey African Development, now MAD (Make a Difference) Foundation was established in 1999, by John Lawler following his experiences whilst living in Ghana. John was enstooled as a Ghanaian Chief, Torgbui Mottey I, for his contribution to the local community and he continues today to visit Ghana, raise awareness and funds for people living in poverty all over the world.

To date we have enabled community development projects in the following countries: Ghana, Togo, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Peru, Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Trindad, Venezeula and Sri Lanka and we hope to expand our work into more countries in the near future.

To date, the MAD Foundation has helped build and renovate schools, pre-schools, orphanages, clinics, water and sanitation systems; provided scholarships, workshops and placements throughout Africa, South America, and South East Asia; creating life-changing projects for developing communities.

For those who do not wish to travel overseas there are many other ways you can actively take part through fundraising for the MAD Foundation. Every penny raised for the MAD Foundation directly benefits communities in the developing world, with all funds going to community projects for the purchase of building materials and equipment. Without the support of volunteers, donors, sponsors and supporters, our valuable work would not exist. Please help us to keep the developing world helping itself. Make A Difference.

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