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Connecting internationally

Our Newcastle Our World and our ambitions for Newcastle as an international city for Children and Young People as confident, global citizens have international links, exchange and relations at their heart, connecting people and places.

Our ambitions

Our children and young people will:

To achieve these ambitions, we are committed to:

  • enhancing, strengthening and developing meaningful international connections between groups and organisations
  • widening access to international experiences and opportunities for children and young people
  • promoting children and young people’s agency, empowerment and entitlement to international opportunities and experiences

Connecting people and places

Newcastle has strong global connections. We want to build on these and enhance them, to bring benefits to our city and the places we connect with. Find out more here.

Internationalism Alliance

Towards a national alliance

The British Council and Prince’s Trust are leading on the development of a national Internationalism Alliance, which will advocate and act with and for Children and Young People to have agency, access, opportunities and an entitlement to international experiences and relationships.

Newcastle Internationalism Alliance

International Newcastle is engaging with the national alliance and sharing our experience, as well as leading the development of the first city-wide Internationalism Alliance. We are engaging young people and partners across the city, region and UK to support the development of our alliance.

We will explore how to increase agency, access and opportunities for children and young people to have international experiences .

We will work with existing and new partners to develop and enhance international links, as well as exploring sustainable ways to maintain and deepen links.

Further details will be shared through our posts, enewsletter, twitter and this website.

Links to other strands

The three workstrands for our priority Children and Young People theme are inextricably linked. Find out more about the other strands of activity below:

Find out about Newcastle City of Languages, how it evolved and our ambitions, as well as links to resources, news on events and activities and about the partnership supporting this UK first.
Newcastle is home to a diverse range of communities and cultures, with many different languages. We will link into initiatives which promote, celebrate and profile these.
If you would like to be kept informed or get involved in activities relating to Our Newcastle Our World and our children and young people theme, do click here to find out more and do add your details and activities to our new directory here.