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Curious Monkey

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Curious Monkey

Curious Monkey is an international award winning theatre company founded by artistic director Amy Golding. We create outstanding theatre  inspired by people we meet and connections we make in our local community and around the world. We listen to people whose stories are rarely told.

Collaborating with a team of award winning artists, we shape these stories into fresh, direct theatre that is rooted in the experiences of the people we work with.

  • Our work shares rarely told stories widely with audiences, decision makers and influencers; and deepens engagement with audiences and participants.
  • Our artistic programme gives a voice to under-represented people and raises awareness of the issues that they face.
  • Our audiences are often young and new to the theatre.
  • We make people welcome and we speak in a clear and open language that reflects our principles of inclusivity.
  • We make theatre that provokes and inspires audiences to connect with each other, with the ideas that we explore and with the stories that we share.
  • Working with specialist partners, we use theatre to engage with influencers and decision makers to help create positive changes in the world.

We encourage:

  • Creativity by being curious, fun, innovative and collaborative
  • Inclusivity by promoting diversity, equality and access
  • Empowerment by being supportive, encouraging and inspiring
  • Openness by being honest, open to new ideas and flexible
  • Integrity by being responsible, authentic and accountable
  • Wellbeing through providing safe spaces and positive activity

We have 5 main activities:

  • Creating and touring new plays based on real stories
  • Theatre and drama workshops and trips/visits
  • Shadowing/work placement opportunities and internships
  • Creating activities and events that position real stories and voices where they can be heard by influencers and decision makers
  • Artist Development

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