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Internationalism in the City

Newcastle is home to a diverse range of communities and cultures, with many different languages. We will link into, profile and publicise initiatives which promote, celebrate these.

Do get in touch to share information and contacts and join our directory.

Our ambitions

Since April 2019, stakeholders have been feeding into discussions around internationalism. Ambitions around the theme of Children and Young People are:

Getting to the heart of the matter

From February 2020 we have been working with City of Dreams and their Young Champions to explore what internationalism means to children and young people in the city, their ambitions for the future and how our partnership can support them.

We hope to engage a wide range of children and young people in exploring identity, tolerance, diversity, cultures within the context of internationalism.

A hub of information

Stakeholders have told us that they would like to have information in one place so they can explore what internationalism in the city means, what is happening and who they can get in touch with or link to.

This is a start of creating a hub and do get in touch if you have information or news to share.

Links to other strands

The three workstrands for our priority Children and Young People theme are inextricably linked. Download: Our Newcastle Our World Children and Young People priority, strands and work programme 2020-2022

Find out more about the other strands of activity below:

Find out about Newcastle City of Languages, how it evolved and our ambitions, as well as links to resources, news on events and activities and about the partnership supporting this UK first.
All our activity has international links, exchange and relations at its heart, connecting people and places and our City to the world. Find out more about our ambitions to build and enhance links.
If you would like to be kept informed or get involved in activities relating to Our Newcastle Our World and our children and young people theme, do click here to find out more 
We’d love to share information about your activities and focus, so please add your details and activities to our new directory here.