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Our Newcastle Our World

Our Newcastle Our World (international city plan) is a framework for collaboration and support for international relations within the city and across the world.

A strategic, city-wide approach to international relations

Our city is home to a diverse range of international communities and we have worldwide civic, community, business, cultural and investment links. We are committed to promoting, valuing and celebrating internationalism in the city and generating opportunities and impact through meaningful international relationships.

Our Newcastle Our World was developed with British Council support and the involvement of citywide partners in April 2019, as a means to agree the vision, partnership approach and the principles of how we would work together.

Our ambition around children and young people

The theme of children and young people was chosen to test the new approach. Priorities for action were decided through consultation with Youth Connectors in July 2019. These three strands of work are now progressing and are at different stages of development. Download: Our Newcastle Our World Children and Young People priority, strands and work programme 2020-2022

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