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Ghanaian Children’s Trust

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Ghanaian Children’s Trust

The Ghanaian Children's Trust is a United Kingdom (UK) based charity working to relieve poverty and distress amongst children and young people in Ghana.

The Trust supports particularly, but not exclusively, the young people who are resident at the King Jesus Charity Home in Boadi, Kumasi, Ghana. King Jesus Charity Home is a non-governmental organisation that relies totally on charitable donations to meet all its expenses. Its aims are to provide a secure home and an education for street children, orphans and children from poor families. Some of the children have been orphaned by AIDS, others may have parents who are alcoholic or suffer mental health problems and are therefore unable to care for their children.

The Ghanaian Childrens Trust needs your help to pay the salaries of the staff, school and university fees, books, utility bills, food and clothing. The provision of nutritious food is essential as poor diet has a detrimental effect on the childrens health and development.

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