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1st-3rd May 2020

Gateshead International Festival of Theatre

GIFT is an artist led festival celebrating contemporary theatre.

Founded in 2011 by Festival Director Kate Craddock, GIFT brings together some of the most exciting theatre makers from across the UK, Europe and wider world for 3 days of festival fun.

Combining performances, discussions, workshops and more, GIFT brings artists, audiences and participants together in venues and locations across Gateshead.

GIFT strives to present artists and events that wouldn't otherwise be programmed in the region.

GIFT programmes performances by some of the most exciting artists working across the UK, Europe and the wider world, offering north east audiences the opportunity to experience a festival with a fully international flavour. Since 2011, GIFT has presented work by artists from Spain, Germany, North America, South Korea, The Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa and many more!

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