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N.E.S.T North East Solidarity and Teaching

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N.E.S.T North East Solidarity and Teaching

North East Solidarity and Teaching (N.E.S.T)  is a multi-award winning and internationally-recognised student-led project at Newcastle University Students Union (NUSU) that is managed by Go Volunteer. N.E.S.T empowers the refugee and asylum-seeking community in the region through a variety of formats such as one-to-one English teaching, group English classes, sports, creative arts and trips into the local area.

Through N.E.S.T, learners (refugees and asylum seekers) gain confidence in their language skills, find new friends and family, and become better integrated into the community. N.E.S.T runs every day, providing up to 13 sessions each week for people of all ages.

The wide variety of activities available mean that there really is something for everyone and with over 300 lovely volunteers, you are bound to make new friends! N.E.S.T is one of the easiest Go Volunteer projects to get involved with and by doing so, you will learn more than university alone could ever teach you and be helping out in one of the biggest crises of our time.

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