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New Hope North East

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New Hope North East

New Hope North East is a Voluntary Organization supporting disabled children/young people and their families from a diverse range of backgrounds in breaking down barriers, which prevent them from accessing social, educational, economic, health and wellbeing provisions available, have their voices heard, and their needs met.

We take a holistic approach embedded in the "Social Model" of disability, which sees disability as caused by the way society is organized rather than by the person's impairment or difference. We are dedicated to promoting the advancement of Inclusion, Equality, Care, and Safeguarding of disabled children/young people and their families, including families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“Our goal is to advocate for an inclusive world where all children are loved, valued, safeguarded and treated equally with dignity regardless of their disability, and are given the opportunity to thrive in a safe world free from segregation, marginalization, deprivation, social exclusion, helping them enjoy life and fulfill their potential."

ASD:  When a parent discovers that their child has a developmental difference such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, they are often faced with denial, fears, and concerns that can be overwhelming. Sadly, parents may not be dealing with the losses, hurdles and additional financial battles, but also the judgmental attitudes from society. Like many living with invisible disabilities, society often assumes the disability is a behavioral or personality issue. For families from BME community, the situation is worse because it is regarded as a taboo or some sort of punishment for sins committed by either parent hence being one of the reasons for shadowing the child from the public. On the other hand, discrimination plays a role when it comes to the provision of services.

Children and Young People: At New Hope North East,  we enable children with disabilities to come together with their siblings, relatives and friends.  Through our "Learning and Fun Together" sessions, young people from mainstream will learn that they are not different from their disabled peers and that they can learn a lot more positive things from each other blotting out pre-conceived segregatory perceptions and form strong bonds of friendship.  NHNE is determined to uphold and achieve the  involvement, participation, inclusion, interaction  and understanding between disabled children/young people and peers from mainstream. Our newly found place of operation, Low Simonside CA is well positioned with a  rich community inflow of both children and adults from mainstream and BME.

Parents and Carers: Sharing of daily challenges and how to overcome them  is one of our important  aspects. We tackle the real issues derived from the  "Social Model" of disability concept which sees disabling barriers as circumstances and conditions that prevent disabled people from fully participating in their Society. These barriers do so through: marginalisation and segregating disabled people in all aspects of social life; denying access to, and participation in organizations, and prohibiting equal rights. Therefore 'disability' can be thought of as being imposed on disabled people by these disabling barriers which permeate every aspect of the physical and social environment: attitudes, institutions, language and culture,organisation and delivery of support services, and the power relations and structures of which society is constituted (Swain et al 1993,  p.2). These barriers which are about social exclusion,  discrimination, inequality and poverty, are the real issues which need to tackle society's failure in providing appropriate services adequately to ensure the needs of the disabled are fully taken into account

Nevertheless, it may be easy to identify someone with a disability if they use a wheelchair, white cane or other gadgets, but for people with ASD, it is not so.   Therefore, in the event that you, a family member, or someone you know suffers from abuse because they are disabled, we will provide you with  advice and support, signpost you to relevant organization and even accompany you if you are not confident to speak out. We, at New Hope North East, are committed to promoting inclusion.


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