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Regional Refugee Forum North East

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Regional Refugee Forum North East

We are an independent membership organisation, created in 2004 by and for the region’s Refugee-led Community Organisations (RCOs) to deliver the Collective Voice of the region’s refugee and asylum seeker community.

Our central aim is for this Collective Voice to influence Policy and Practice so as to promote equality and improve the lives of all refugees and asylum seekers living in the North East of England.

Refugees and asylum seekers are a community of shared and unique experience. They face distinct challenges arising from pre-flight experience, from journeys to safety, and from lives framed by asylum and resettlement policy that are not experienced by voluntary migrants or non-refugee BME or white communities.

Our members are committed to taking the lead in civil society and being active agents for change. They are experts by experience, both from their own lives and those of the communities they support. They work together to create an authentic, collective, advocate voice. They speak up about the specific, recurring and shared challenges their communities face and offer practical recommendations for what would work best to tackle hardship and promote integration.

We are not a service provider. We contribute to change through the collective action of our members, through promoting evidence based policy, through informing commissioning, and through influencing the way services are delivered by front line practitioners. We pursue a strategy of constructive engagement and collaborative working.

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