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Wider language learning

Newcastle has a wide range of offers for people wanting to learn foreign languages at any level. If you know of more opportunities, do let us know and we will share these.

A range of online resources are being shared in response to Covid-19 and we are sharing these online here. Do get in touch if you know of any others.

Courses and qualifications

The Language Centre is a not for profit community enterprise that offers the largest provision of language courses in the city centre for the general public from conversational to proficient (European languages, as well as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and more).

School of Modern Languages

Newcastle University offers degree and postgraduate study across four main language areas: East Asian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, as well as opportunities for Combined Honours with other subjects. In addition, key research themes linked to languages are around translation and interpreting, film media and visual arts and linguistics.

Newcastle University Language Resource Centre provides self study language learning, tandem learning and cross cultural communication for staff and students and members of the public can join for a fee. Extensive resources in 150 languages. Also offers education outreach for local schools and professional and business language training.

Becoming Visible (BV) are specialists in British Sign Language (BSL) Deaf culture and the Deaf community. BV manages a British Sign Language (BSL)/English interpreting agency, offers an extensive range of BSL training courses and has an established expertise in the production of BSL media translation.

The Confucius Institute is a partnership between Newcastle and Xiamen Universities and the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban). It facilitates the study of Chinese language from primary school to university level through a range of courses, as well as promoting Chinese culture and cultural exchange.

Newcastle Chinese School offers both Mandarin (‘Pu Tong Hua’) classes and Cantonese classes of various levels from beginner to GSCE and A-Level standards. It is a registered EdExcel exam center for Chinese studies and one of five Chinese Schools in the North of England area awarded North of England Chinese Education Dedication Award.

The North East Arabic Language Academy offers a wide range of courses and qualifications for adults and children in the Arabic language. It also provides training, translation and proofreading services and can offer examiners for qualifications in Arabic.

Unilang provides students at Northumbria University the opportunity to study a foreign language in addition to their degree subject, from beginners to advanced (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and British Sign Language).

International House offers opportunities for students to learn languages in Newcastle (German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian evening classes) or abroad at one of their international centres

Languages and community

Linguacuisine helps people learn new languages while you cook delicious meals from all around the world.  The Linguacuisine project promotes learning of digital literacy, languages, cuisines and cultures. It does this through co-design of downloadable apps and social recipes, using an authoring tool to develop an online community of practice. Download the app for free for recipes available in: English, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Catalan, Turkish, Quechua, Chinese and Korean. Linguacuisine also supports a range of events and school visits

The Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library offers 12,000 books in over 100 languages, mostly for loan in Eldon Garden shopping centre in the heart of Newcastle. It also hosts a number of language classes, events and conversation groups.

Offering classes for children aged 3-15 on Saturday mornings in Heaton for French speaking families, providing French language and cultural activities.

The Alliance française de Newcastle runs a range of events and activities to promote French language and culture. Join them on facebook to find out what’s happening and when.

The North East Arabic Language Academy runs an Arabic School at the weekend for students aged 4-15 offering Arabic language and culture. It also offers services for local schools, councils and communities in the North East, including workshops on Arabic language and culture and translation and interpreting services.

Newcastle Mandarin Chinese School

Newcastle Mandarin Chinese School aims to advance the education of Chinese culture and language to the public and the local community. Although most of the children are primarily of Chinese ethnic origin, the school also welcome children from other cultural backgrounds. Based on Ravenswood Primary School site.

Tyneside Cinema is a great resource for people who want to watch films in other languages and learn about other cultures. It also runs a schools’ programme linking languages, film and film making.

Thèâtre sans frontières (TSF) presents work by world authors in the original language, mainly French, Spanish and English and tours to theatres, arts centres, schools and festivals in the UK and abroad. Our style is physical, bold, unusual, witty – and always with a twist.

Sports Leaders Foreign Language Leadership

The Foreign Language Leader Award teaches young people aged 13 and over how to lead others through basic languages activities by working to develop their communication, organisation and motivational skills.

The award takes approximately 30 hours to complete and can supplement modern foreign language learning by engaging learner and giving them an additional award. Tutor Training isn’t required for this award and there is no formal assessment. Cost is £21 per learner

Units include: Planning, preparing and assisting a simple foreign language activity; Communication and motivation skills for leading a foreign language   activity; Cultural understanding of the chosen country; Compendium of foreign language games and activities; Organising and running a foreign language event; and Demonstration of leadership skills in foreign language

General practice

You can search YouTube to find original content in many different languages, from language lessons, to short films, music in other languages. It is easily searchable and free to use, if you have internet access.

Netflix is a subscription service costing £5.99 per month. There are a wide variety of films and series in English and foreign languages, with the option to have subtitles and alterable playback speeds.

Languages for business

Language Resource Centre

The Business Language Communication Centre offers a range of opportunities for business professionals and services staff to learn languages to all levels of proficiency through its tailor-made online programmes.

The Language Centre offers programmes for business (bespoke training in Language and Cultural Awareness, translation and interpreting, international business support and delegate shadowing)

Becoming Visible (BV) are specialists in British Sign Language (BSL) Deaf culture and the Deaf community. BV manages a British Sign Language (BSL)/English interpreting agency, offers an extensive range of BSL training courses and has an established expertise in the production of BSL media translation.

Most British people (62%) are monolingual and and lack awareness of how difficult English can be for those who are learning it as a second language. English Unlocked addresses this by providing work place training, proof-reading and resource-writing services for companies in the North East. In this way organisations can become more easily accessible by international students, EU nationals, overseas visitors, and refugees and asylum seekers.