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Call for your help to build our Newcastle Internationalism Alliance

International Newcastle and British Council are calling on partners to get behind our Newcastle Internationalism Alliance and provide some information, insight and ideas around international and intercultural opportunities and access for our children and young people.

Why an alliance for internationalism?

We believe that internationalism and interconnectedness will be increasingly important for us all, as we move through these challenging times and beyond – but particularly for children and young people, so we want to continue with our ambitions to establish a strong alliance in the city and with national and international partners to support this.

Newcastle is establishing an Internationalism Alliance as the first UK citywide partnership coming together to promote access to and empower children and young people through international and intercultural experiences and opportunities. 

This is part of an international city plan called Our Newcastle Our World and a priority theme and work programme focussed on Newcastle as an international city for our children and young people as confident global citizens.

This is based on consultation over the last year with youth connectors (those who work with young people and young people’s representatives) and a broad range of partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Activities are underway on the different workstrands, with Newcastle City of Languages being the most developed so far.

We are supported in our endeavours by many partners and groups across the city, by British Council and an evolving National Internationalism Alliance, as well as national cultural institutions from other countries.  

What we hope to achieve

Ambitions and aspirations have been identified through a series of consultations and discussions over the last year. Distilled, these are:

We hope to build our city alliance over time, but as a start we would like to:

  • Understand current opportunities and gaps in information and opportunities for organisations and children and young people around access to intercultural and international experiences, connections and opportunities
  • Explore how we can work together to promote children and young people‚Äôs agency, empowerment and entitlement to international and intercultural opportunities and experiences
  • Consider our own contributions and what we can do as part of the first UK city internationalism alliance
  • Build support for the British Council-led national Alliance
  • Share information, expertise and resources

Please complete our survey and sign up

We are pressing ahead with engaging partners, gathering information, good practice and sharing ideas about how we support children and young people (0-30) to have intercultural and international connections, experiences and opportunities. 

Please complete our online survey by 8th May.

We would value your input to this online survey, as part of this process and will share any good practice, useful links and support through our website and the alliance that we build. 

Join our webinar 11am-1pm on 20th May: International Newcastle and British Council had to postpone our first Newcastle Internationalism Alliance event in March due to the coronavirus outbreak, but we encourage people to join our first ever webinar at 11am-1pm on 20th May.

Please get in touch if you wish to talk to us directly about how you can be involved or to follow up on anything in the survey or to discuss the webinar. Contact: Declan Baharini at

Thank you for your input and support, it is very much appreciated. 

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