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THIS IS OUR HOME group picture at Millennium Bridge 12.45, 16th March 2020

the3million invites you to a group photo in our beautiful city to send a message of love for Newcastle from all EU citizens & their friends

Join us on 16 March at 12:45 to 1:15PM for a photo-op at Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Newcastle side. Look for the3million flag. The picture is scheduled for 1PM so please arrive promptly at 12:45PM

We will stand in this iconic location, holding the letters THIS IS OUR HOME, in presence of photographers, local press and media.

You will be free from 1.15pm but feel free to stay on and speak to the team.

We have come from many places around the world but Newcastle is the city we call home.

Join the3million for a group picture to immortalise our belonging to the community, using the Newcastle bridges as an iconic background to our message of love for the city.

While we represent EU citizens in the UK, we welcome all at our events. Please no flags for the group picture.

The thinking behind THIS IS OUR HOME:

There is a different sense of belonging when you consciously integrate into a new community, because it’s a choice you make based on love and a set of values you embrace.

Brexit has been painful for many of us, EU citizens in the UK, because this love and these values have been shaken and undermined by the politics of division and hatred.

THIS IS OUR HOME is a message of love for the city and the country we live in.

It’s also a political message to those who see us as an economic commodity or a number in the Home Office migration statistics. EU citizens are at home, no less no more than those who were born here. The place you were born is irrelevant in today’s world.

A picture speaks a thousand words. in 2018, the picture of a crowd of EU citizens and their British friends in front of Westminster with the white letters THIS IS OUR HOME has become the iconic picture of the fight of EU citizens to protect their rights.

We now want to replicate this picture in Newcastle, so we can share the love in the rest of the UK.

This event is part of a UK-wide campaign. Find out more about it at

We also organise a Eurocafé for EU citizens.

Click here for more information and tickets

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