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IN and British Council co-hosting event to develop a Newcastle Internationalism Alliance

Event postponed and reorganised as webinar 20th May

Due to the escalation of concern about the spread of Covid-19, the British Council has made the very difficult decision to cancel all forthcoming external events. This is to protect the health and well-being of our colleagues and partners and to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

This means that we are postponing the event that British Council and International Newcastle are co-hosting on Wednesday 18th March at the Pop Up Film School in Newcastle. 

We are deeply disappointed that this exciting discussion cannot take place with you in person this week, but we remain committed to supporting Newcastle to fulfil its international ambitions.  

What happens now?

As co-hosts, International Newcastle and British Council will run a webinar at 11am-1pm on 20th May and also work together to set up a new date for our in person workshop, when the national situation allows. 

In the meantime, International Newcastle will contact partners to start gathering information, ideas and opinions through online means, so that we can start building a picture and sharing information about how, as a city and a partnership, we can widen access for children and young people to international experiences, connections and opportunities. 

From ambition to reality: Towards a Newcastle Alliance to support children and young people to have international connections and opportunities

Original date cancelled due to Covid-19: 3.00-6.30pm, Wednesday 18th March 2020 at Pop Up Film School, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle

You can find out more and register for the webinar version of this event on 20th May at 11am-1pm.

You can also complete our survey to gather information by 8th May – thank you


We think it is vital that young people should have opportunities to connect and work internationally, either through periods of study or work abroad, or through connections they build at home with people of other countries and cultures. We are concerned that these opportunities are decreasing, particularly for those in less advantaged communities.

Over the past year, International Newcastle and the British Council have been working together to develop the Our Newcastle, Our World international strategy. This is a pivotal moment in our approach to internationalism and is building on a year of consultation and discussion, at national and city level, which is outlined in the attached briefing note. 

This event is an opportunity for us to build on this work, so that we can collectively hone our strategy and establish a Newcastle Alliance to collectively make this ambition a reality.

18th March workshop participants

National partners’ representatives have been invited and International Newcastle has re-engaged Youth Connectors, Newcastle City of Languages partners, representatives from the public and voluntary sector, business and enterprise, education and training, arts and culture, leisure, as well as city initiatives focussed on young people that can help deliver internationalism, including City of Dreams, UNICEF Child Friendly City, Newcastle150.

We hope that children and young people will:

18th March workshop objectives

Complementing work on Newcastle City of Languages and work being planned around how to achieve the ambitions around valuing cultural diversity within the city, this first workshop in a series of discussions for the Newcastle Internationalism Alliance will explore ways we can work together on:

  • promoting children and young people’s agency, empowerment and entitlement to international opportunities and experiences
  • enhancing, strengthening and developing meaningful international connections between groups and organisations for the benefit of children and young people in the city
  • widening access to international experiences and opportunities for children and young people

We believe opportunities to exchange and develop ideas across sectors will enable new ideas to emerge that focus on young people.  Nationally, British Council has deliberately engaged organisations and individuals from different sectors to build our work so far, representing formal and non-formal education, including sport and arts organisations. 

The workshop is being supported by City of Dreams and their Young Champions.

In practical terms, by the end of the workshop we would like to:

  1. Agree some clear priorities, collective actions and organisational commitments to move forward
  2. Invite partners to be part of a Newcastle Internationalism Alliance
  3. Agree some straightforward and sustainable ways of driving our priorities forward and keeping up momentum (e.g. shared leadership, task and finish groups and simple information sharing)
  4. Seek commitment from Newcastle partners to consider signing up as an Alliance and/or individually as organsiations to the national ‘Internationalism Pledge’ for young people (draft pending)

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